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A18 Rat & Grey Squirrel Trap

The A18 is a highly effective, automatic trap; capable of dispatching 18 rodents per CO2 cylinder. Approved for use in the UK, it negates the requirement for daily checks, increasing efficiency and humaneness.

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Sewer Safe

The Sewer Safe has been designed & manufactured by a industry leading Scandinavian environmental company. Constructed with superior quality, acid resistant stainless steel. The unique design features a dual flap and mounts that enable the flap to be installed with a 300 cm installation tool, capable of compressing the Sewer Safe walls for easy fitting, and removal if necessary. Affordable, professional and long lasting.

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universal Trapping Box

The Universal Trapping Box offers a complete solution for pest control in the urban environment. Capable of housing all common traps, including: 2 Snap Traps, Fenn MK4, Magnum 110/116, Goodnature A24/A18 and the Black Cat Rat Trap. Its Unique design allows it to be used safely, with a range of rodenticide treatments, including: blocks, loose grain, pasta sachets, liquid bait and fresh bait trays.

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