Goodnature Trapping Accessories

In addition to the Goodnature A24 rat trap and A18 grey squirrel traps, we supply a comprehensive range of accessories for Goodnature traps including guards, lures and C02 refills.

PX Lepto is a professional-grade disinfectant designed to deal specifically with rodents' hazards and potential viruses. PX Lepto is ideal for use by the professional or domestic user, who is likely to come in contact with rat & mouse droppings, urine, bedding and nesting materials or high activity areas.

£8.99 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Automatic Formula Pump (AFP) is an innovative solution to keeping your Goodnature trap constantly supplied with fresh attractant. Each AFP is capable of supplying attractant to your Goodnature trap for up to 6 months.

£8.99 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Chocolate Formula Pouch is great for pre-feeding a trapping site. It allows rats and mice to get used to the taste of the formula before committing to a trap. Each Formula Pouch contains 200g

£3.50 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Lure Basket is compatible with both the Goodnature A24 and A18 traps. Its simple design allows you to screw the lure basket into the top of your trap and use anything you like as an attractant. This is especially helpful in situations when the target species has been used to feeding on a [...]

£44.99 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Digital Strike Counter is an essential part of the Goodnature traps. It allows you to see how many pests you’ve dispatched, but it also allows you to know when to change your Co2 canister. The digital strike counter simply slides onto the Co2 cylinder of your trap and that’s it. The strike counter [...]

£4.20 Incl VAT

The Goodnature CO2 canister is available singly, in packs of ten, or boxes of thirty. Each CO2 canister is made from high quality, recyclable steel that can deliver 24 strikes in the A24 or 18 strikes in the A18. Goodnature CO2 canisters are charged with a non-corrosive lubricant that helps to look after and maintain [...]

£6.00 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Tree Mount is an easy to use mount for the Goodnature A24 & A18. The Tree mount is mounted by using the two stainless steel screws provided. Once installed your preferred trap simply clicks into place. An extra tree mount is useful if you wish to move your trap between two locations on [...]

£49.99 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Trap Box is a great option if you need to put your A24 somewhere where you can't use the normal mount.

£23.99 Incl VAT

The Goodnature A24 Trap Stand is a great asset to any trapping setup. The stand offers two main functions; it allows the Goodnature A24 trap to be picked up and moved freely without having to de-gas the trap, and it also leans the trap back at a 45-degree angle creating a more natural approach. The [...]

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£18.95 Incl VAT

This pack contains our new Hazelnut Truffle Paste, it is an excellent new version to ensure success. This handy replenishment pack contains all you need to keep your A18GS running effectively; saving you valuable time by reducing daily checks. When using the paste, its best to create several feeding sites, gradually building up an oily [...]

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£34.95 Incl VAT

The A18 Trap Guard has been designed for the in-field protection and camouflage of the trap. The Guard simply slides over the A18 Squirrel Trap, whilst installed. Made in England, constructed from high quality, 3mm aluminium. The guard is treated and powder coated, ensuring robustness in the field. Grey Squirrels are renowned for damaging not [...]

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£4.50 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Rodent Detector Cards are essential when it comes to siting your A24 trap. They allow you to find the right place to install your A24 trap getting you trapping quicker. Each card has a small amount of chocolate formula inside it. If a rat or mouse chews the card when it’s installed it [...]