Crawling Insect Traps

We supply a wide range of innovative traps for a range of crawling insects such as Silverfish and Cockroaches.

£2.49 Incl VAT

Frutaband strips are designed to protect fruit trees from crawling insects such as ants, scales, and earwigs.

£0.95 Incl VAT

InsectBand is a sticky trap designed to capture cockroaches and other crawling insects indoors. Its simple design makes it quick and effective to use. InsectBand comes flat packed for easy transportation and storage. Once a trapping site has been located simply assemble the trap by peeling off the protective paper, fold the edges of the [...]

£1.39 Incl VAT

2 professional quality, non-toxic Sliverfish traps. Effective against Silverfish & Greyfish.

GreenHero®Insect Frost Spray GreenHero® Frost Spray is a thermal insecticide that uses nothing but rapid cooling to dispatch your target pest species. Once applied the spray rapidly cools down to -45°C and instantly freezes the insect. This method of control is humane, toxin-free, and works on all pest insects including wasps and their nests, ants, [...]