Accessories for Rat and Mouse Trap Boxes

Accessories and replacements for our range of trap boxes.

£8.99 Incl VAT

The Goodnature Chocolate Formula Pouch is great for pre-feeding a trapping site. It allows rats and mice to get used to the taste of the formula before committing to a trap. Each Formula Pouch contains 200g

£0.19 Incl VAT

The SAFEBOX® By-Catch Plate is a highly effective solution to keep non-target species out of your SAFEBOX® trap box. The chewable card slides into the moulded grooves in the SAFEBOX®. Once the cards are installed, they physically exclude non-target species such as slugs, snails and birds.

£0.99 Incl VAT

The SAFEBOX® Metal Restrictor Plate - Mouse, is the perfect solution for excluding rats from any of the SAFEBOX® range when targeting mice. Made from high quality, galvanized steel, the plates restrict the entrance to 20mm, ensuring only the target species can enter.

£1.25 Incl VAT

The SAFEBOX® yellow key fits all SAFEBOX® models except for the SAFEBOX® Earth. The SAFEBOX® key is 150mm long to stop the user from bending all the way down to the floor. The key features a ring at the top to be attached to lanyards for safekeeping.