Flying Insect Traps

We supply a wide range of innovative traps for a range of flying insects such as Wasps and Horse Flies.

£2.49 Incl VAT

Set of 5 Arboband boards, varied in color to protect trees, plants, and vegetables from damage caused by pests.

£14.29 Incl VAT

Adhesive roll used to trap flying insects in barns, stables and out-buildings.

£4.99 Incl VAT

Wasp Trap This simple wasp trap protects your outdoor spaces from bothersome wasps, hornets and, flies. Simply hang the wasp trap up in your garden, gazebos, or pub garden. Wasps are attracted by the smell and colour of the trap, keeping your outdoor space free from buzzing visitors. The trap is filled with a sweet [...]

£1.29 Incl VAT

DressBand clothes moth trap is a cardboard trap designed to target clothes moths in the home. Once assembled, the DressBand clothes moth trap forms a triangle shape. The inside of the triangle is coated with a non-toxic and environmentally safe pheromone glue. The pheromone tricks male moths into thinking there is a female in the [...]

£1.19 Incl VAT

Food Moth Monitoring Trap FeroBand is a one-sided adhesive strip that is designed to target food moths. The sticky surface of the trap is impregnated with a pheromone that attracts the males from different food moth species, including – Ephestia kuehniella, Ephestia cautella, Plodia interpunctella and genera Ephestia elutella, FeroBand can be hung in the [...]

£0.99 Incl VAT

VetroBand – Floral Fly Trap VetroBand is an attractive alternative to the standard roll type flycatcher. VetroBand works by playing to the natural behaviour of the house fly. Flies actively seek warmth and the light conditions that are found by a window. Once the fly reaches the window, it is enticed onto the trap by [...]

GreenHero®Insect Frost Spray GreenHero® Frost Spray is a thermal insecticide that uses nothing but rapid cooling to dispatch your target pest species. Once applied the spray rapidly cools down to -45°C and instantly freezes the insect. This method of control is humane, toxin-free, and works on all pest insects including wasps and their nests, ants, [...]