Mouse and Rat Trap Boxes

We supply a wide range of innovative trap boxes to keep your traps safely away from children and pets, including the A24 from Goodnature.

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The Goodnature Chocolate Formula Pouch is great for pre-feeding a trapping site. It allows rats and mice to get used to the taste of the formula before committing to a trap. Each Formula Pouch contains 200g

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The Goodnature Trap Box is a great option if you need to put your A24 somewhere where you can't use the normal mount.

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The SAFEBOX® By-Catch Plate is a highly effective solution to keep non-target species out of your SAFEBOX® trap box. The chewable card slides into the moulded grooves in the SAFEBOX®. Once the cards are installed, they physically exclude non-target species such as slugs, snails and birds.

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The SAFEBOX® Metal Restrictor Plate - Mouse, is the perfect solution for excluding rats from any of the SAFEBOX® range when targeting mice. Made from high quality, galvanized steel, the plates restrict the entrance to 20mm, ensuring only the target species can enter.

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The SAFEBOX® yellow key fits all SAFEBOX® models except for the SAFEBOX® Earth. The SAFEBOX® key is 150mm long to stop the user from bending all the way down to the floor. The key features a ring at the top to be attached to lanyards for safekeeping.

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The Tunnel Box Mouse is a mixed material box that comes complete with two mouse snap traps. The bottom section of the box is made from high-quality, rigid plastic, and the lid is made from galvanised steel. This combination makes a lightweight, but extremely strong box designed to last a lifetime. Each Tunnel Box has [...]

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£15.59 Incl VAT

The SAFEBOX® Maxi is a fully galvanised, multi-purpose box that can be used for the control of rats and mice. The SAFEBOX® Maxi is capable of holding 2 x mouse snap traps, 1 x rat snap trap, or multiple monitoring blocks. The unique SAFEBOX® locking mechanism means it can also be used with rodenticides. The [...]

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£13.79 Incl VAT

The SAFEBOX® Single Catch can be used for the control of both rats & mice and can be used with traps or rodenticides. Each SAFEBOX® Single Catch can hold 2 x mouse snap traps or 1 x rat snap trap. Every SAFEBOX® Single Catch comes with a base plate to keep your traps in place, [...]

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The Tunnel Box Rat is an effective tool for the use of controlling rat populations. The Tunnel Box Rat is made from strong, rigid plastic and galvanised steel to provide a box that will last for years. The Tunnel utilises a rat’s natural behavior of following fences, walls, and straight edges. The Tunnel Box can [...]

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The groundbreaking design utilizes the natural surface on which the box is placed, by removing the rear floor of the box, rats feel more confident to enter, helping to reduce neophobia and increase efficacy.

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The Dual Catch includes 2 Rat Traps.

£21.99 Incl VAT

SAFEBOX® Earth is an effective solution for the control of rats in connection with sewer breaks or at their place of nesting. SAFEBOX® EARTH is installed directly in the tunnel, hole, or break; enabling the rodenticide to be placed securely and conveniently.