Rodent Proofing

Protect your property from mice and rats gaining access.

£89.99 Incl VAT

The unique design of the Sewer Safe Install Tool allows it to be used for all sizes of Sewer Safe; from the 3.5-inch model all the way to the 12-inch model. The Install tool is built from high-quality, acid-resistant stainless steel, meaning it will last years with constant use. The Sewer Safe Install Tool works [...]

£16.99 Incl VAT

The Sewer Safe extension pole fits effortlessly onto your existing poles using a . Each pole adds an extra 1.5 meters to your installation tool whilst adding minimal weight.

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The Sewer Safe is a high-quality rat flap, offering a permanent solution to stop rodents from entering the drainage system for your house or business. Our Sewer Safe is made from high-quality stainless steel and can be installed in a matter of minutes with the applicator tool and extension poles. The precision-engineered install block uses [...]